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"Our realtor recommended PS Lehman as the highest quality staging and de-cluttering service out there. She couldn't have been more right. Lori Lehman and her team helped us sort through and eliminate a massive quantity of furniture, clothing and family heirlooms to help us ready our house for sale. They did it all and then they staged the house so beautifully that we almost want to stay. From dealing with auction houses to thrift stores and donations the PS Lehman team did it all with grace and calm -- even in the face of considerable construction updates. I couldn't recommend them more highly."  - Fanette S.

“Getting a house ready to sell, and getting ready to move, is a huge job - and Lori's team made it so much more manageable! Everyone on Lori's team was really professional and hard working. Lori did the planning and organizing of her team, and they showed up at our house on time and ready to work. 2 of them decluttered and organized our entire 3 story house in about 3.5 days - it would have taken us weeks! Lori is also a great designer and works with interior designers. She staged our house so it looks like a model home for sale. She was also able to recommend good contractors for other things we needed done around the house, i.e. carpeting.” — Angie’s List review


“We had 1 day of showings, multiple offers and are under contract with the first person that saw the unit.” - Nicole Van H.

“Lori and the entire team at PS Lehman were life savers! They helped make selling our old home and moving in to our new home so much easier, faster and way less stressful. Using their expert eye they gave us simple and realistic staging advice to make our old home look buyer friendly, helping us to get an offer we accepted within 4 days on the market. When it was time to move to our new home they handled all the details - from coordinating the movers, packing up our belongings (both at our old home and storage facility), scheduling final clean up, making sure our new home was spotlessly cleaned before moving in, unpacking at our new home, removing all the packing materials, etc. The attention to detail was incredible! They even gave us great advice on furniture placement and decor for our new home (bonus!). We couldn't have done it without PS Lehman and would highly recommend them to anyone seeking to sell their home fast and move in to their new home effortlessly!” -Angie’s List review

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“Lori and her team are simply amazing. They are professional, smart, kind and above all a true partner. We had already relocated when we hired Lori and her team and without missing a beat they were able to work with our real estate agent to coordinate staging, removal of older furniture and ultimately were instrumental in helping receive two offers within the first week and half of being on the market. The staff at PS Lehman is very responsive and provide a level of transparency that makes any client feel at ease. I would highly recommend them for any job small or large. You are in good hands!”  - Nicole B.

"I hired Lori and her team to declutter, organize, and stage my Chicago home for sale. In about 4 days, they accomplished the job. Lori is very responsive, honest, and detail-oriented. Her team is hard-working and knows what they are doing. They are professional organizers, not just hired hands. The work they accomplished in 4 days would have taken me weeks! Lori also recommended paint and carpeting colors, and staged the home for sale, and it looks like a model home. The listing pictures turned out beautifully. I would definitely recommend Lori and her team!"  - Laura D.

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“Lori and her team helped us get ready to put our condo on the market. She helped us figure out what to move to storage and how to best stage our condo with the least impact on our daily lives. She heard our thoughts and executed a great plan. She knew we were budget focused and she kept this in mind and so while we did the heavy work to save money her team did a great uplift to our space. They were friendly and fun to work with. It all came together in less than a day and she also coordinated with our real estate agent to make sure the photos were done right.”  - Angie’s List review

"Bringing on PS Lehman to help with our move was the single best decision we made this year. Lori and her group made what can be a very stressful time seem like we were on vacation. We left our old house without lifting a finger on a Thursday and moved into our new house completely unpacked and organized, on that Sunday. If there were a way to give more than 5 stars, I would. Hiring PS Lehman is a decision you will never regret." - Tim O.

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“Excellent. Our work with PS Lehman is ongoing, the last time we used them was not the first and won't be the last. Every time we've used them, the work performed is impeccable.” - Angie’s List 

"You do more than organize, you made my house a home! My house was magically decorated every Christmas. My home was stocked with all of my children's favorite healthful foods. Vacations organized at a snap of my fingers. And each time I moved, I walked into a ready-made comfy home with bed turned down. Service like this is literally priceless"  - Tracey M.

"Lori and Ruth assisted in staging a client's heavily cluttered home and knocked it out of the park! They helped my client and I turn an ugly duckling into a swan! From staging to packing to setting up their new home the crew at pslehman made a stressful move smooth sailing!" - Carrie F.

I could not be happier with the service from PS Lehman. Their prices were competitive, the service was not only fast, but fantastic. Best of all, my home sold very quickly and for full asking price. I would not hesitate to work with Lori again in the future.” - Dustin S.


I needed to tackle and eliminate a lot of the stuff that has accumulated in my house for the past 14+ years. I wanted to pretend like I was moving in order to get ready for a construction project but every time I looked at the boxes of photos, sports equipment, art projects, and other items taking up space, I became frozen! Enter Lori & Carolina...the moment they walked through my home for the first time I knew that I was in great hands. I recommend working with Lori and her team for any of your moving, organizing & difficult tasks!!! - Rebecca R.

“I've known and worked with Lori for over ten years. I've never known anyone more dedicated to excellence… She is creative and smart as well as being incredibly organized and focused like a laser. She is a star.”  — Hugh

“The house looked amazing. The carpet and paint were perfect. The staging design did a great job of pulling elements from the home together with the furniture and decoration. I loved how the front room had hints of gold to tie into the new fireplace doors…It was great working with you all.” - Mark B.


“I was fully aware of the daunting work ahead of me when deciding to move from a home I have resided at for the past 25 years. I would not have been able to do it without the support of Lori and her team at PS Lehman. They are life savers and truly the best decision I made during this move! They are a full-service quality firm that made moving a seamless transition. They ensured I was organized, unpacked and moved in strategically and efficiently.  Lori and her team are thoughtful and extremely focused in how they tactically direct their efforts to the task at hand while keeping an eye on the small details. PS Lehman is a highly specialized and qualified firm that I would recommend to everyone moving, or just looking to declutter!” – Jessica L

“Thank you so much for EVERYTHING!!! You and your team turned this house into our home and we are so incredibly grateful! I loved working with you and will look back fondly on our first day in this house.” - Kelly B.

“I LOVE the organization of the toys and am surprised we could tackle it that quickly. It’s remained organized and my 4 yo actually loves it too because now she can see all of her toys—many which had been hidden or hard to find under the piles. When she got home she walked from room to room saying “Oh my gosh!” over and over.” - Jessica C.

“I am BLOWN AWAY by the work that your people did today, like I am blown away. It gives me such a huge smile. I am thrilled! That storage in that area is so perfect and is going to make us love our home so much more. I just wanted to tell you that I am BLOWN AWAY with you guys. Thank you, thank you, thank you!” - Julie C.

“The place looks amazing!! GREAT WORK!!!” - Julie H.

“Oh my gosh! It looks PHENOMENAL!!! I lived there for over 12 years and I honestly do not recognize it ( and that’s a very good thing.) Thank you so much to everyone on the team for coming up with such a beautiful design and then executing it so well today. I just love it!” - Laura S.

“LOVE LOVE LOVE what you have done!! Photos are fantastic.” - Laura L.

“The place looked amazing and thank you for all you do!!” - Michael S.