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Lori Lehman, President

I founded PS Lehman, Inc. after years of working as a Legal Assistant in Minneapolis and Chicago. I discovered first-hand the daily stresses of juggling all the details and responsibilities of both a personal and professional life. I loved finding ways to make life easier for all the busy people around me and decided to turn that passion into a business. In 2003, I started PS Lehman, Inc. and have been helping people in all capacities of life since. 

I have a relentlessly strong work ethic and seasoned time management and organizational skills. I am driven by the desire to enhance my clients' lives and anticipate their needs. I love finding a memorable gift, planning and arranging a party or creating an impeccably organized closet (or better yet, an entire house).  I pride myself on my enthusiasm, honesty, creativity and reliability and I guarantee that PS Lehman Inc.'s services will change your life.

PSL Team Members



David started out doing small projects for PSL in his free time, but fell in love with the constant change of pace of our work. He loves using his organizational skills to help clients declutter their lives. Before coming to work for PSL, David worked in the apparel industry and specialized specifically in visuals and aesthetics. In his free time, David loves to be surrounded by his friends, entertaining, socializing and being the life of the party!



Ruth has always loved organizing and interior design, so PSL was the perfect fit for her! Coming from the retail fashion industry, Ruth has plenty of experience helping clients find the right look. She takes these skills and applies them to our PSL staging jobs, helping clients style their homes to sell fast! Ruth enjoys traveling, being with friends and spending time with her husband, trying to enjoy all that life has to offer!



Keith is a floral designer and interior stylist. He first came to work at PSL to help out with client holiday decorations, but quickly took on more and more responsibilities. PSL utilizes Keith's impeccable interior design skills to help expertly stage client's homes. Keith has been an integral part of helping curate our ever growing staging inventory. In his free time, Keith enjoys biking, cooking, antique shopping and floral arranging. 



Courtney started out doing small graphic design jobs for PSL, but has steadily taken on more work to become a project manager. Courtney uses her background as a graphic designer to help manage PSL's social media, create advertising brochures and design our website. She also manages projects virtually and loves using her creativity to help clients. Courtney lives in Maryland and enjoys sports and movies. 


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